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High-resolution videos of takeoffs, touch & go's, and landings will be available to be streamed live at airports, and offered to pilots and passengers upon their arrival or departure. RunwayVision aims to empower airports and share the thrill of aviation, providing a glimpse of the incredible world of flight to audiences worldwide.


RunwayMax is a cutting-edge airport management system utilizing AI and robotics to meticulously track airport movements. With our advanced analytics dashboard and automated landing fee billing, RunwayMax offers a comprehensive system that seamlessly integrates all essential features, providing real-time and historical insights to airports. 

Watch our product video HERE

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RunwayMax Features

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RunwayMax autonomously video records all airport movements, including:

  • Takeoffs

  • Touch & Go's

  • Landings

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Dashboard Analytics

RunwayMax autonomously provides airports with real-time and historical:

  • Landing Fee Summaries

  • Operation Counts

  • Runway Use Charts​

  • Fleet Mix Charts

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Landing Fee Collection

RunwayMax autonomously collects landing fees by utilizing various databases and  invoices via:

  • Text Message

  • Email

  • Physical Mail

How does it work?


Artificial Intelligence



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Our technology combines visual data from our camera with ADS-B information, cross-verifying and enhancing accuracy. Our "boots on the ground" approach, using robotics to autonomously control the camera, ensures smooth and dependable operations for precise airport tracking.


Military-Grade PTZ Cameras​ known for their durability and high-powered performance

Flexible installation options: Cameras are securely positioned on the rooftops of airport hangars, buildings, and control towers

Screen Shot 2023-07-23 at 1.03.18 PM.png

Achieve comprehensive coverage with only one or two cameras per airport

Simplified equipment needs: Only a camera, computer, and ethernet cable are required

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